You Can't Try a Dead Man is a poignant and inspiring true story that will leave you questioning true justice. I started working on Jeff Howard's case when in law school and have now been practicing law for over 13 years. Jeff's case still inspires me to find justice for every single client who comes my way. —Jan Olson, Attorney at Law


Judee Howard has written a must-read primer for anyone interested in entering the criminal justice profession.  You Can’t Try a Dead Man teaches us the premise that our American justice system, although the best in the world, is not perfect.  I am grateful to have been involved with Jeff’s case as a law student and for many years since.  My life and profession have been guided by witnessing Jeff and Judee’s true story, their faith, and the love of Christ.  Experience it for yourself. –Matthew L. Olson, Attorney at Law/Chief Judge of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe    


I have worked in the legal field for over 25 years and became involved in Jeff’s case in 2012.  I truly believe this is a case where an innocent man was convicted and sent to prison.  Occasionally our court system fails.  In this case, we strive to correct that failure and allow Jeff to live the rest of his life a free man.  Judee Howard not only tells a compelling and true story, but she also captures the equally important personal aspect that we cannot afford to forget. 
Kara Duncan, Paralegal


Judee Howard is a friend and a woman of integrity. She loves Jesus with all her heart and lives out daily what she believes. This is her story that deserves to be told. It's a story of injustice and long-suffering. It's a story of faith in the midst of dire circumstances. It's a testimony that God is good no matter what. Judee and her husband Jeff are evidence that God's love knows no boundaries. And the love between a man and a woman knows no limits. Their story will touch your heart and inspire your faith. –Linda Outka, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Founder of Breakthrough Solutions, Inc. Author of Pebbles in My Shoe: Three Steps to Breaking through Interpersonal Conflict


I highly recommend this book on many levels.  First, many on the outside have no idea how complex our court and corrections system can be.  Judee and Jeff’s story illustrates this complexity.  On another level, since I have known this couple for many years, their story illustrates the redemptive power of faith in helping one to cope with broken situations.  Jeff and Judee help us to see the ability of Christ to wring good out of any situation. –Rev. Dennis Thum, Dean of the Chapel at University of Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls SD, Former Chaplain/Religious Activities Coordinator at the South Dakota State Penitentiary

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