My passion is creating a safe environment and community where people belong and can be authentic, so God can do his work in their lives. 

I was invited into Jeff Howard's unique story twenty-five years ago and thus began a journey, unlike anything I could have imagined. I would be challenged in every area of my life and stretched to grow totally outside of my comfort zone. 

My first book, "You Can't Try a Dead Man," tells Jeff's incredible story of wrongful conviction for a murder in 1981. Our quest for his freedom has taken us on many ups and down and questioning God's plan for our lives. 


We understand what it's like when God doesn't answer 'yes' or 'no' to your deepest earthly desires, and waiting is a really long time. In speaking and coaching, My desire is to help others understand the love of the Father, especially in those times when God seems so far away. Understanding the Love of the Father for his children paves the way for God to make sense of what appears to make no sense.